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      December 2020:

      We recommend that you BOOKMARK this page for easy access throughout the month! We will also email you on the 1st of each month with this link and information!

        • Below is a link to updated December 2020 Retailer Assets. Please make note of our NEW FEATURE - relevant, monthly DOWNLOADABLE images for IG. Copy and paste the image for easy posting! 

        • Don't forget, you can discount any items in the store now up to 40%.

        • Our Fall 2021 line is looking amazing!  Be sure and make your appointments early for market.  We have to close our line every year at a certain point, and we don't want to leave you off our production list!

        • We have classic pleat dresses, beautiful layette items and a few other items that are ready to ship year round (depending on inventory).  Let us know if you ever need anything!

        • We appreciate your feedback on the survey.  We are working on ideas that we took from you to help grow your business even more!

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